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This wikia contains all the details on the rapidly rising game known as Welcome to the Game. In this game you will be surfing the Deep Web - the hidden side of the internet that is approximately 500x bigger than the Surface Web - and trying to complete the URL to ultimately access the Red Room.

But be warned; the Deep Web is the darker side of the internet that is completely unmonitored by the government, and therefore houses all sorts of illegal activity and questionable content. In your quest to complete the URL to the Red Room, you will be constantly fighting off hackers and narrowly escaping masked Russian kidnappers tracking your location. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the game.

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Welcome to the Game is an indie game developed and published by Reflect Studios. It is a puzzle-based horror simulation game that references some real-life Deep Web sites and requires the player to multitask between finding the 8 codes to complete the URL to the Red Room and avoiding being abducted.


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